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About IndustroClean - Industrial Cleaning Company

IndustroClean, originally called Ceiling Doctor, is a privately-owned company founded in 1990 by Connie and Jim McCrory. Jim and Connie quickly realized the potential and need for specialized industrial cleaning services. Using the same controlled spraying systems they used to clean acoustic ceilings, IndustroClean was able to offer their customers impressive results.

IndustroClean has developed many services in direct response to customer requests. Clients have trusted IndustroClean to come up with innovative solutions to their particular industrial cleaning problems that are safe and efficient.

The industrial cleaning company has achieved numerous accreditations and certifications including "Certificate of Training - Operator Safety Training Seminar" from Skyhigh Platforms Limited on the proper and safe use of self-propelled elevating work platforms to comply with all associated A.N.S.I.C.S.A. and S.I.A. regulations.

IndustroClean has certification in the following:

  • Aerial Platforms - Mobile Work Platforms
  • Lockout/Tagout
  • W.H.M.I.S.
  • Personal Fall Protection

Originally called Ceiling Doctor, in 2005 the company changed its name from "Ceiling Doctor" to "IndustroClean" in order to make it easier for new and existing customers to identify IndustroClean as a professional cleaning company specializing in industrial cleaning.

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