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IndustroClean Industrial Cleaning ServicesIndustroClean Industrial Cleaning Services

Cleaning Roof Decks and Factory Ceilings - Industrial Cleaning Company

IndustroClean offers professional cleaning of industrial roof decks and factory ceilings.

Cleaning Factory Walls - Industrial Cleaning Company IndustroClean

Our trained cleaners safely and carefully wash factory grime buildup from roof decks, joists, piping and overhead ductwork. We use low volume controlled applications of degreaser and rinse to make your factory sparkling clean which not only will impress your customers but make your factory a more pleasant and healthy workplace for your employees.

IndustroClean staff are trained and equipped to handle industrial ceiling cleaning jobs with any height of ceiling. All machinery and electrical devices below the ceiling area to be cleaned are carefully covered by IndustroClean.

Some of the industries that IndustroClean has performed industrial cleaning services for include: food processing, automotive, plastics, pharmaceutical, metal industries, warehousing, and printing.

Types of roof decks and factory ceilings that IndustroClean is experienced in cleaning include:

Cleaning Factory Walls - Industrial Cleaning Company IndustroClean
  • corrogated metal deck and open joists
  • insulated building panels
  • rolled, insulated vinyl
  • suspended vinyl
  • acoustic
  • dry wall
  • wood
  • concrete

IndustroClean's industrial strength cleaning is effective for removal of:

  • construction dust
  • environmental dirt and dust
  • oily residues
  • mould removal and disinfection
  • insection infestation of overheads
  • textile lint and dust

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IndustroClean's professional industrial cleaning services include:

- Cleaning Factory Roof Decks
- Cleaning Factory Walls
- Cleaning Machinery
- Vacuuming Overheads
- Unusual Industrial Cleaning Jobs

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