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Cleaning Industrial Machinery - Industrial Cleaning Company

IndustroClean offers professional cleaning of industrial factory machinery by vacuuming or washing so that your factory can meet regulatory standards and audits such as I.S.O., A.I.B., and A.S.I.

Cleaning Factory Walls - Industrial Cleaning Company IndustroCleanCleaning Factory Walls - Industrial Cleaning Company IndustroClean
Cleaning Industrial Machinery - Before (left) and After (right)

IndustroClean staff use high efficiency micro filtration portable vacuums which allows for minimal interuption of factory production. Where appropriate, we also do washing using our controlled spray process. Sensitive areas get hand wiped, and areas with heavy buildup of grease and grime get scraped or wiped prior to final cleaning. We also clean up the areas around the machinery.

Our trained cleaners safely and carefully remove buildup of dust from manufacturing areas, and remove contaminents so they don't get on products.

Regular cleaning assists your plant maintenance staff to identify problems, and having IndustroClean clean your machinery prior to painting ensures a uniform coating will adhere to a clean surface.

IndustroClean's professional machinery cleaning service includes vacuuming and washing of:

  • extruders
  • heat exchangers
  • winders
  • calender stacks
  • hydraulic equipment
  • gear boxes
  • presses
  • compressor
  • stripper fans
  • assembly line cleanup

Some of the industries that IndustroClean has performed industrial cleaning services for include: food processing, automotive, plastics, pharmaceutical, metal industries, warehousing, and printing.

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IndustroClean's professional industrial cleaning services include:

- Cleaning Factory Roof Decks
- Cleaning Factory Walls
- Cleaning Machinery
- Vacuuming Overheads
- Unusual Industrial Cleaning Jobs

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